Travis Scott teases another new Nike sneaker, an Air Trainer 1 mid


With more sneaker collaborations than songs this year, Travis Scott could change careers. Just days before the release of his Nike x Fragment Design Air Jordan 1 Low, Scott teased another Nike sneaker collaboration, stepping out in an all-new Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid model branded with his signature Reverse Swoosh.

Channeling Scott’s love of brown – a color that has dressed his collaboration “Mocha” Jordan 1 Retro, “British Khaki” Jordan 6, custom Lamborghini Urus and the brown Batman costume – the new sneakers feature different shades of tan and of brown. A translucent brown outsole and dark brown overlays stand out among a beige upper with light brown accents, while Scott’s inverted Swoosh matches the pink eyelets and rear heel mark, which appears to display the rapper’s nickname “Cactus. Jack”.

Occasional advertising – Much like fellow rapper Kanye West, Scott enjoys teasing his future collaborations through a classic celebrity custom: paparazzi shots. He previewed his upcoming Cactus Jack Air Max 1 sneakers casually wearing them in New York City, while his previous Fragment Design Air Jordan Low was spotted by Paps seven months before his official announcement. If the paparazzi were following the rapper everywhere, it makes sense that he would use the pictures as free publicity.

True to all aspects of his brand, Scott was seen wearing his never-before-seen Air Trainer 1 Mids in New York City as he walked into a luxury vintage store. Snaps from Pap show Travis casually sporting his new kicks: the musician paired his brown sneakers with matching brown socks, black sweat shorts, a graphic (presumably vintage) long sleeve and a brown baseball cap.

Retro trends – Scott wore a similar outfit when launching his multiple Cactus Jack Air Max 1 shoes, which are set to arrive this winter. Available in brown, black, lavender, yellow and light gray versions, the rugged trainers take inspiration from the desert and trendy workwear, adopting a boot-like look reminiscent of Nike’s own ACG utility line.

However, as the trends of the 90s reappear, Scott has changed his influence on his upcoming Air Trainer 1 Mid. Known as the “Swiss Army Knife of Performance Footwear,” the training sneaker ruled sports in the 90s and later the 2000s as Nike released a series of revivals. With few outings today, the retro silhouette is the perfect exclusivity to receive a Scott makeover – and the hype that goes with it. Just as the rapper made the Nike Dunk sneaker nearly impossible to attain, his influence could quickly make the Air Trainer 1 Mid the brand’s next high-end model.

Abandonment to be determined – There’s no official word that Nike is considering releasing the Travis Air Trainer 1 Mid – it could still be a one-off sample designed for the favorite (or at least most active) collaborator of the brand. Sill, Scott rarely leaves his fans wanting more, and he’s not one to lose profits. We’re likely to see these sneakers on foot again, maybe even in a different color.


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