Report Card Notes for a Sneak Peek of the Nike LeBron James XI Shoe | Launderer report


The moment all sneakerheads have been waiting for has finally arrived. Well almost.

Maverick Carter, the man behind LeBron James, posted a preview of the LeBron XI on his Instagram.

Launderer report @Launderer report

A preview of @KingJames’ next signature shoe, the LeBron XI (via @mavcarter)

Don’t throw away your LeBron Xs already, because those puppies haven’t fallen yet, hence the “preview”.

Until they are released, visual evidence will have to suffice. This allows us to better understand what lies ahead and plan accordingly.

Are you inevitably going to give a few sticks for these bad boys?

Don’t answer that now. There is still so much to consider.

Design: C

If you can look past the horrid colourways displayed here, it really isn’t that bad.

I’ve always admired Nike / LeBron’s willingness to move the company logo wherever it sees fit based on the version of the shoe you buy, and this one feels similar. It’s pleasantly off-center.

The King James logo is prominent as always, although it looks like a brighter color would have done it more justice.

What’s intriguing about this set of kicks is the futuristic vibe it gives off. Again, the colors here aren’t flattering, but the varying use of materials is elegant.

They also appear to deviate from the LeBron X’s zoom system, which will not do Nate Jones of Goodwin Sports too happy.

Nate jones @JonesOnTheNBA

Looks like they could go lunar for the LeBron XI. Would have liked to see them make a zoom system similar to the X or AJ XX8

Still, this shoe appears to have a more solid base, something that might end up being adopted.

The cut around the ankle won’t, however. It appears to extend further down the back, which doesn’t make much sense (although it might just be the way the photo was taken).

Overall, this particular shoe has a lot going on in a small area. Whether this adds or decreases the effectiveness of the shoe remains to be seen.

Mode: B-

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to assume Nike won’t limit us with this abomination of a colourway.

When you look past the bland and potentially vomiting-inducing color scheme, it would make for a nice look off the field.

As previously stated, there is a lot going on here which, from a fashionista’s point of view, is not a bad thing at all. The one featured might benefit from stronger coloring, but it’s definitely something that can be worn quietly.

Nate jones @JonesOnTheNBA

Like the LeBron XI’s look a lot more off the court than the X. But the question is whether it will be as much of a beast on the court as the X?

My main concern would be the weight, as these look heavy unlike the LeBron X which gave the impression of a lighter feel.

Additional weight would obviously be more of a problem on the basketball court than off, but you don’t want to be sporty anchors on your feet, whether for fashion or function.

Oh, and did I mention we need different colors? I did? Well, it’s worth mentioning it again, as the color scheme here is both hideous and depressing.

Fanfaron: C-

Does anything about this shoe make you scream, “I want it!” Doubtful.

There’s a lot to watch, but nothing about it is particularly unique.

They have the potential to be loud and obnoxious, which, let’s be honest, improves the loot factor. But there is just something missing; the plot is not there. Or even near there.

Record style, the color scheme here certainly doesn’t help. It actively makes me want to not buy them. I also want the LeBron Xs. These had some serious loot.

These are just too ordinary and don’t instill enough bravado – unless all of the kind of daring I’m playing shuffle-board-when-really-I-should-mow- the-lawn is the kind of thing you like.

Then these are very cool.

Overall rating: C

Hopefully Nike and LeBron eventually free us from the prosaic aura that surrounds this shoe.

In a way, it’s both futuristic and pedestrian. There is potential in the design and its many different cuts and shapes (I’m digging the placement of the swoosh), but there’s little, if anything, that stands out otherwise.

Showing us another set of colorways would have helped once again. With the advanced use of angles, going bright and flamboyant would have made this preview much less disappointing.

Hopefully, then, this shoe is basically healthy on hardwood, as the look we got at first glance doesn’t do much to sell it.

A higher function, however, may well be able to save our initial perception.


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