No one remembers that another Nike shoe failure


Eliud Kipchoge set a world record at the Berlin Marathon in September, three years after a problem with his Nike shoes cost him the prize.


Fabrice Bensch / Reuters

Famous athlete wore Nike NKE 6.15%

shoes at a high profile event, then the unthinkable happened: his shoes malfunctioned.

We’re of course talking about Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge’s experience at the Berlin Marathon in 2015. When the insoles of his custom Nike sneakers came out, he was denied a world record that he almost certainly would have achieved if his shoes had remained intact.

Yes, maybe seeing the college basketball phenomenon Duke Zion Williamson blow his shoe in the first minute of Wednesday night’s game against the University of North Carolina will prove more indelible. Traders certainly did the same, sending Nike shares lower on Thursday. But while the optics don’t look good for Nike – and will be worse if Mr. Williamson doesn’t make it to the NCAA tournament next month – sporting moments can be fleeting.

As for Mr. Kipchoge, he broke the world record in the Berlin marathon last September. He wore Nike.

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