Nike Zoom Fly incompatible – Nike shoe releases


Style: Running performance
Release date: September 6
Price: $ 150
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If not matching your socks on run day is really lucky, Nike has a new bunny’s foot for superstitious runners. The latest Zoom Flys will release on September 6 in a mirror-black and white design, making it look like you’re wearing two different kicks on your feet.


The mismatched Zoom Fly is the same fast shoe inspired by Nike’s Vaporfly 4%, which had runners catching PRs. Nike owes the speed of the shoe to a carbon fiber propellant plate that runs the length of the midsole and gives the shoe an undeniably blistering run. The latest Zoom Fly benefits from the same technology, with a stem reversed left to right in black and white. Additionally, gold metallic accents will shine on the finish line alongside this 1st place medal.

Nike Zoom Fly mismatched


The release date for this Swoosh swap pair is Thursday, September 6, when it will be available on and at select retailers. The current MSRP is $ 150.

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