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By Kevin Deutsch

A man accused of stealing expensive basketball sneakers from Tamarac recently became the target of an intensive manhunt, as aviation and K9 units pursued him by air and land, according to the reports. court records.

The search for Nidenson Martinez, 25, began on June 23 when a man in his bedroom heard his garage door open on Northwest 59th Street in Tamarac around 5:30 a.m., according to the office of the Sheriff of Broward.

The victim looked out the window and saw a man – whom he later identified as Martinez – sitting in the front passenger seat of his gray 2008 Honda Accord. The culprit clicked the garage door opener on one of the Accord’s sun shades, alerting the victim of an ongoing burglary, court records show.

The man came out and yelled at the burglar, who left with two pairs of basketball shoes he found on the floor of the victim’s backseat: a pair of orange Nike Kevin Durant 5 sneakers, white and blue and a pair of white Nike Air. Jordan 3, valued at around $ 340 overall, according to records.

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The culprit ran east on Northwest 59th Street, dropping the Air Jordans as he fled, MPs said.

The victim picked up his shoes and called 911, triggering the manhunt.

“BSO aviation and K9 responded to the scene and followed the [defendant] from the residence at 4960 East Sabal Palm, where he was located and taken into custody, ”wrote Deputy Samantha Kaplan, a member of BSO’s Tamarac division. “It should be noted that this location is behind the scene of the incident and divided by a fence.”

Nike Spur Aerial Manhunt shoe theft in Tamarac

A pair of Nike Kevin Durant sneakers. Credit: Nike.

According to BSO, its aeronautical unit has two aircraft, each equipped with infrared technology, night vision capabilities, a Nightsun SX-16 projector and a moving map system.

At the scene of the arrest in Tamarac, Martinez, from Fort Lauderdale, read his Miranda rights. He then identified himself “through a photo taken from a RING video surveillance camera,” Kaplan wrote.

According to MPs, Martinez was wearing the same clothes as the man in the surveillance footage.

With the alleged shoe thief in custody, BSO conducted a ‘presentation’: an identification procedure in which a suspect is presented to an eyewitness and then asked him if he recognized him as the perpetrator of the offense.

In Martinez’s case, the victim wasn’t sure.

“He said with only 50% certainty that the man detained by MPs was the same man he observed inside his vehicle,” Kaplan wrote. “It should also be noted that the [defendant] has been observed entering several vehicles in the immediate vicinity via CCTV cameras, while the victims are still located.

MPs said property was found on the ground nearby and taken as evidence, including the Kevin Durant 5s stolen by the victim.

A body-worn BSO camera was also activated during the investigation, records show.

Martinez was charged with transportation burglary and petty theft, and then taken to BSO’s main prison. Records show he was released on unspecified bail.

Martinez could not immediately be reached for comment on Sunday.

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