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In honor of LeBron James chasing his fourth NBA championship (his first with the LA Lakers), Nike is treating its shoe fans to rummaging through the vast vault of Player Exclusives and leaving only one. alone for retail sale. Sixteen legendary PEs from the past eighteen years were pitted against each other in a tournament-style single elimination bracket (at NCAA March Madness), with the winner receiving a full production streak and eventual exit likely via the SNKRS app. It seems that there is a specific colorway for almost every model in the entire legacy except for the current LeBron 18, newer LeBron 17, LeBron 14 (arguably the least popular of the series) and the LeBron 5. The matches are pretty strong, but recency bias can play a huge role in some upsets.

In 2014, Sneaker News celebrated LeBron’s story with our own “March Madness” stand, though our selections were strictly limited to released products. We’re glad Nike understands the importance of these Nike LeBron PE’s as they were, at one time, the most sought after shoes on the planet.

We’ve run through the full matches here, so take a look, check out our quick analysis and projections, and head over to Nike SNKRS to vote. First-round voting ends Friday, January 8.

Updated on January 20, 2021: After weeks of voting, the Nike LeBron 10 “Ring Ceremony” PE won and will be released on Nike SNKRS at a later date.

This one is a bit of a toss-up. Diehard LeBron fans will want the LeBron 2 “Animal” PE, but the importance of LeBron’s scoring milestone cannot be overlooked. Slight advantage over the LeBron 16 for recency bias, Lakers colors and step factor.

This match-up hurts. Why? Because one or the other could be the winner and we would all be happy. It’s like the NBA Finals happening in the first round. LeBron 6’s “Cartoon” EP (inspired by Family Guy’s Stewie) will be remembered forever, but the “Gold King,” itself inspired by the Watch The Throne album and Givenchy themes, should take the spotlight. cake.

Every time the South Beach colors appear on a Nike LeBron, we take notice. The LeBron 3 “Glow” will put up a good fight, but a slight advantage over the former for colorway (and considering most LeBron 3s sitting on shelves anyway).

The Air Zoom “Rookie Of The Year” generation is Holy Grail status. It is also an all-white shoe. That said, the LeBron 3 “LA Remix” will likely take the win simply because of the pop of the Laker colors.

Please vote for the LeBron 7 “HWC”. That’s all.

The LeBron 4 “Dunkman” is also close to holy grail status for LeBron fans, despite the fact that the “Dunkman” has lost its potency in recent years due to Nike kind of… ignoring its existence. Despite its history, it can’t beat the LeBron 10 “Ring Ceremony,” a shoe that combined the Nike LeBron’s spike in consumer interest and the King’s second title.

Both the LeBron 8 V2 and the Air Zoom generation are relatively lost to today’s consumers in terms of being on the radar, so unfortunately the winner of this match-up will likely lose anyway. That said, we’ll give the Air Zoom generation the edge, although the V2 could very well release the W.

The “Shooting Stars” PE was great, but objectively not the best LeBron 7 PE. He still won’t stand a chance at LeBron 9 “What The,” who could very well win the whole thing.


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