Mavado begs thieves to return a personalized Nike sneaker


Mavado begs the thieves to return his rare personalized Nike sneaker.

Dancehall artist Mavado, aka “The Gully God”, pleads for the return of a personal item that was stolen from him. The artist claims that a pair of Nike sneakers were stolen from him and that he would like the culprit to return them to him.

The dancehall singjay made the plea on Instagram on September 28, 2019; writing: “Someone stole my shoes and I want them back ok these shoes here are history this was when Nike first recognized Dancehall music and how great I am great, so I want them back. @asafasub10king #flammablesundays.

The shoes were presented to Mavado following his collaboration with Nike to celebrate track and field star Asafa Powell (@asafasub10king) record run of 9.77 in 2008. Mavado made sure to mention the start of the track in his Instagram post. According to Mavado, the shoes have historical significance to her dancehall career and music. Mavado described the pair of shoes as part of history and it shows how awesome he is.

The stolen sneaker is a custom-made Nike Airforce tagged with Mavado’s name inscribed on the map of Jamaica with the words “Cassava Piece”, “Cuba” and the artist’s popular phase, “Gangsta for life”. The shoes are predominantly orange in color with pink highlights and a signature black Nike logo.

Gully God’s post seems to have elicited responses from many Vybz Kartel fans who claimed that Mavado was just looking for attention. One fan wrote, ‘Man tries everything in the books to get a black forward in the biz smh’, while others make jokes about Vybz Kartels being incarcerated.

Instagram user @gregorybrnes wrote, “A lizard is dead now.”

Mavado and Vybz Kartel have long had a heated rivalry, and even had one of the most famous lyrical showdowns in dancehall history, at Sting 2008.


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