Lexux and John Elliott turned a Nike shoe into tires


During New York Fashion Week, Lexus unveiled a collaboration that spanned many cultural fields, from the world of streetwear and trendy sneakers to the high art scene to the luxury automotive space. Using its new UX crossover as a backdrop, Lexus has teamed up with emerging style entrepreneur John Elliott to create all-white tires designed after the iconic Nike Air Force 1.

The pairing stems from a different collaboration in which John Elliott teamed up with Nike to create a custom Air Force 1. Elliott kept the timeless silhouette simple in a white coloring, but created a new look by layering and stacking parts of the shoe upper to create the illusion of shadows and undertones. The tires are meant to do the same.

Aside from the obvious connection between wheels and tires, often referred to as “shoes,” sneaker and car cultures have intertwined many times over the years. More recently, a pair of Rolls-Royce SUV-themed Air Jordan IIIs have appeared, pairs of Adidas Stan Smith customized by Volvo and Puma made kicks inspired by the BMW GINA concept car.

Those familiar with Air Force 1 see the parallels all over the tires. The Nike swoosh, circular heel design of the sole, and the vents in the toe area of ​​the shoe are evident, with subtle touches such as the textures of the shoe’s rubber and leather filling in the rest of the shoe. ‘space. A small “AF1” badge is also a nice nod to the shoe’s metal lace ornament.

Lexus and John Elliott Nike Air Force 1 Inspired Lexus UX

Lexus hasn’t released much information on the artistic concept, but there are small changes elsewhere on the car. The black wheel arch lining is white, as are the exterior mirrors. We’re surprised the UX isn’t completely white, grille and all like the shoe, though. A John Elliiott badge on the lower rear quarter of the car makes sure everyone knows who worked on the project.

Unlike John Elliott’s Air Force 1s, this UX is not for sale. Sneaker influencer Ray Polanco Jr. was invited to the event and gave a better look at the tires below:


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