LeBron James reveals how he helped Kyrie Irving get a signature Nike shoe


(via Cavaliers Nation)

At best, the current relationship between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving can be called rocky. After Irving’s recent comments dismissed James’ ability to play in the clutch, the Lakers superstar responded with his own fire, expressing his disappointment during a recent guest appearance on the podcast ” Road Trippin'”.

Among the many comments made about his former teammate, LeBron told the world how he helped him get his own signature shoe at Nike, calling his “guys” at the company to help confirm the process.

“The kid gets a signature shoe from Nike, which we know has a little [group]. I mean, of all the players that’s played in our league, of all the players that’s been with Nike, there’s not a lot of signing guys,” James said.

“And I was like, ‘He’s a signature guy. Because it’s not just his ability, what he does on the floor. Not just with his size. And his grip. His grip — the kids love it. He’s gonna get a sequel. He’s a signature guy.

“So I was like, I said to my guys at Nike, ‘Yeah, if that’s what you think, stop fucking thinking. He’s a signature guy. There’s nothing to think about.

Apparently, James expressed nothing but confidence in Kyrie, constantly talking about his game when they were both in Cleveland and craned his neck to make sure he was recognized.

The shoe deal is just another example of how Bron tried to support his teammate.

Nevertheless, that apparently wasn’t enough and just a year after winning the title, Irving would ask the franchise for a trade. Today, even LeBron himself openly admits they didn’t rock.


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