Kyrie Irving will have a second Nike shoe for $ 80


Since Michael Jordan entered the fray, basketball players have been at the forefront of Nike’s public image. The company has aligned itself with the good ‘superheroes’ in the sport and aligned them with awesome iconic sneaker designs, profiting from the basketball business for decades. Despite the slowdown over the years, the performance trend is on the rise and Nike is focusing on its current best-selling athlete – Kyrie Irving. While his signature $ 120 Nike Kyrie 3 shoe was the best-selling basketball shoe of 2017, he had no other sneaker model bearing his name. During Nike Investor Day on October 25, the brand confirmed that the second Kyrie basketball shoe will debut, priced at $ 80.

The sideways expansion of the Kyrie brand is a smart move as it continues to fuel demand for the championship-winning superstar’s shoes, but instead of creating a more expensive product that allows limited access, Nike is opting for a model. removable ”- similar to what the brand has done with other established stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. While it’s not clear when this new Kyrie shoe is expected to release or if it will even be available in the US, we do know that its next shoe, the Nike Kyrie 4, will likely debut in December, as Nike has it. positioned months in particular to be Kyrie’s first exclusive platform.


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