Kevin Durant teases all-new Nike sneaker


Kevin Durant has had a roller coaster career in recent years. The Brooklyn Nets superstar recently made headlines due to his return from injury, while also making headlines for his ugly interaction with Michael Rapoport on social media. Even so, Kevin Durant doesn’t seem bothered by the reviews and the lack of play, as he shares a glimpse of his new signature shoe with Nike.

Kevin Durant has had one of the best basketball shoes money can buy since signing his contract with Nike. The KD14s are expected to continue to make waves as a premium athletic shoe. Collectors and gamers will likely flock to stores or the Nike website to get their pair.

The KD14 offers an elegant and unique color palette. A combination of black with gold accents makes the shoe really stand out. Of course, the famous Nike swoosh makes an appearance on the side, as with all their shoes. Durant’s initials are engraved on the tongue, which also serves as his logo.

Kevin Durant is arguably the top pure scorer in NBA history. This year he’s played few games due to a hamstring injury, but when he’s on the pitch he produces like the Kevin Durant we know. In just 20 games, Durant is averaging 28.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists. He’s coming back to the Brooklyn Nets roster at the right time, because they’re bound to be in great shape for the playoffs.

Catch the Nets’ next game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night. Maybe we’ll see Kevin Durant portray his new shoe in this game.

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