Discover Kyrie Irving’s New Nike Shoe Inspired By “Friends”


Like many pro athletes, Kyrie Irving loves Friends – although that might actually be an understatement for the Boston Celtics point guard, who even has a tattoo of the series logo on his left arm.

And now Irving has a shoe celebrating Friends comes out this week. The new Kyrie 5 colourway is predominantly black with white soles, but the iconic shades of red, yellow and turquoise of the Friends logo are shown with laces at the top and bottom.

“Kyrie” is written on the outer heel in a style similar to the show’s logo, which also appears on the insoles while the Irving logo and signature are on the tongue.

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

The Kyrie 5 Friends shoe from Nike is available Thursday, May 16 at and certain retailers, including DICK’S Sporting Goods.

This is not the first time that Nike has created a shoe inspired by Friends. He made a friends shoe for the cast and crew to celebrate the second season in 1995.

In a 2015 interview with GQ magazine, Irving was asked about his Friends tattoo, why he’s one of the show’s countless fans, and who his favorite character is. Via

“For me, it was one of those shows that was a bit ahead of my generation. I was young and didn’t really understand the issues they were talking about or even really the sarcastic tone. I didn’t figure it out until I was older and watched Nick at Night and TBS, and they were playing Friends marathons all the time. One day I probably saw a full season of episodes and fell in love with it. Just the way they’ve handled all of the relationships on the show. When I was a kid none of this made sense to me, but now I have totally bonded with it.

As for the favorite character, I’m going to have to go with Joey. He’s so funny. This performance is excellent. When you see Matt LeBlanc offscreen he speaks well and looks smart, but so does Joey. . . He’s just a great actor. I mean this show started, and he just put on this character that’s totally different from him in every way. It really made me appreciate what actors and actresses can do.

Joey definitely inspired me to get a tattoo. I have it with one of my other friends, and we have it in one place. We thought this would be a great tattoo because we are both enjoying the show. “

Irving also stated that his favorite episode is That of Barbados, the two-part finale of the ninth season.

At For The Win, we’re big Friends fans too, and we celebrated the recent 15th anniversary of the series finale with Friends Week. We spoke with one of the show’s creators, Marta Kauffman, writing about athletes who learned English from reruns, broken down top sports moments, and ranked all six friends as well as guest stars.


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