Daughter of Michael Jordan, Jasmine becomes the new heir to Nike sneakers



(Credit: Jasmine Jordan Instagram)

By all accounts – and his huge collection of sneakers – Jasmine from jordan is literally a daddy’s girl walking around her famous dad, that of Michael Jordan, footprint. Jasmine has just launched her own brand of sneakers, the Nike Jordan Heiress collection, reports In the style.

The Syracuse University graduate benefited from the success of her father’s legendary basketball brand and began to build on it. After studying sports management, Jasmine entered the family business with the Nike sneaker brand. She learned a lot behind the scenes and worked as a field rep for the Nike Jordan brand where she tells InStyle she helped with the design and colorways. It was the practice she needed to develop the Jordan Heiress collection.

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As the only daughter of Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy Jordan, Jasmine really wants “be like Mike. When not at Nike headquarters in Oregon, she is back home in Charlotte, NC, to work with the Hornets, the team her father owns.

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Here are some highlights from Jasmine’s interview with In the style.

Let the world know that she is ready to follow in her father’s footsteps:

“Time has really helped me become comfortable not only being Jasmine, but also being Michael Jordan’s daughter. I finally embrace who I am; I’m finally ready to share myself with whoever wants to. knowing who I am and hearing my story. I wouldn’t really say anything in particular pushed me into it, I just feel comfortable realizing that this is my life.

On handling people’s assumptions about his life:

“Being the daughter of Michael Jordan comes with a ton of assumptions that people tend to make right off the bat. I understand why people would think that I play basketball, that I’m spoiled, or whatever. There are always negative and positive aspects involved. It took me realizing, at the end of the day, that I know who Jasmine is, and those people who guess and have their own preconceptions about me don’t. I actually like that I can debunk some of these assumptions by letting people get to know me so they can go their separate ways, yes, I’m my dad’s child, but I’m Jasmine too.

By understanding his father’s legacy:

“I definitely didn’t realize growing up who he was. He was “Dad”, and that was it. It wasn’t until I was 12 or 13 that I literally went to YouTube and searched for “Michael Jordan” just to see why everyone was so obsessed. I remember I was younger and my classmates would tell me, “You are so lucky to have Michael Jordan as a father”, and they always wondered what it was like, and all I could say, it’s “it’s just my dad and it’s fun”. It didn’t strike me that he was the phenomenon that he is. I would ask him questions all the time like, “Why do you think you are the best?” And he would just laugh.

On the influence of his mother:

“My dad would always say, ‘You go out and do what you want, if you want to have this life, I support you.’ My mom would say more, “I’m going to raise you like I think you should be and once you grow up you decide what you want to do.” We all grew up in Chicago, our family came every weekend and my mom let us know where we came from and that this life was a blessing and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Now that we’re all older, let’s take care of ourselves. [My brother] Jeffrey is another homebody who lives in Portland; [and our other brother] Marcus is more open to this public figure and doesn’t hesitate to show up at a party or do an interview. And I, well, I’m a combination of the two.

For more information, see the full interview on In the style.



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