Colin Kaepernick’s Nike shoe set to drop in December


About 14 months after Nike signed a new star-level endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick, the signature shoe that was the centerpiece of the deal is expected to launch in December, footwear industry sources said. at Yahoo Sports.

The inclusion of a Kaepernick-branded ‘Icon’ shoe and jersey was first reported by Yahoo Sports in 2018, with its shoe rollout believed to be on track for the 2019 holiday season. Sources told Yahoo Sports this week that Nike expects a nationwide release of the shoe early next month as it continues to develop the company’s promotional strategy around Kaepernick.

While the total number of Icon jerseys sold by Nike is unknown, the February online version of this item sold out within hours. Priced at $ 150 when released, authentic versions of the Nike jersey are now selling in the aftermarket for $ 300 or more. Counterfeit versions of the jersey have also spread to secondary clothing sites for $ 50 or more.

Sources declined to say how many Kaepernick Nike shoes will launch, but forecast demand has been strong enough for the clothing giant to increase production numbers during development.

Colin Kaepernick stretches before training for the NFL Boy Scouts and Media on Saturday in Riverdale, Ga. (AP Photo / Todd Kirkland)

Pictures of Colin Kaepernick’s shoe have emerged

Images of the shoe have leaked in recent days, with Kaepernick appearing to be wearing a pair while stretching during his recent workout in Atlanta.

Kaepernick confidant and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid also posted a photo of the shoes on his Instagram account on Sunday, with the caption: “On game day you already know #ImwithKap you see all the shots.”

Nike’s daring is paying off?

Nike’s run with Kaepernick has been wild, with the initial approval sparking a simmering divide among consumers that has seemingly been iconic in almost everything related to the former NFL quarterback. However, the doom claims for the company were gravely flawed, as Nike’s sales figures exploded in the months following the deal. It was a period that also included a well-received commercial featuring Kaepernick coining the phrase “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Nike’s stock rose more than 18% on Wednesday since the Kaepernick deal was announced, adding $ 26.2 billion to the company’s bottom line and valuing it at nearly $ 146 billion. While this bump was associated with a wide range of factors within the company, the notion of a campaign centered on Kaepernick as an albatross for sales and popularity never failed to materialize.

The success came with the controversy over Kaepernick’s influence on the product lines. Last June, Kaepernick was a key influencer in Nike pulling a Betsy Ross-themed shoe ahead of its release, recalling nationwide shipments just days before its release. The shoes featured a colonial-era version of the American flag with 13 stars in a circle, which was co-opted by a handful of white nationalist groups as a symbol of their movement.

After Kaepernick and others’ concerns were shared with Nike, the company scuttled the post, saying it didn’t want to unintentionally offend consumers. Following the move, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey threatened to remove financial incentives for a Nike factory that was planned in the state. Days later, Ducey backed down from the threat, saying he had “welcomed” Nike to Arizona, along with the jobs the new factory was to create.

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